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* Designing / painting *
* Easy to work with *

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You can download Installation kit for Windows 7/8/10, HERE.

Easy and intuitive interface

Who said that programs it's hard to understand, not so easy to use? Do you need an intuitive software so you do not need an user manual? perfes.Digital shows an interface so simple that just opening the program you know what to do! All objects are made from easy to understand icons. Or, you can just moving the cursor over the icon and you will see a brief description of that function. Yes, that simple.

Draw from scratch / import drawings

perfes.Digital has a proprietary image content, for better performance. perfes.Digital files are named .PSID. With the help of perfes.Digital you can draw a picture from scratch, using objects and tools of the program, but you can import ready made images to be changed. You can import a variety of image types like JPG, PNG, BMP etc.